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I have been a programmer/developer/consultant/contractor in the high speed printing forms and document industry for 25+ years (mostly with Elixir Technologies).  I work with Xerox, AFP, PDF, Postscript and most other printer data streams and also know Elixir software perfectly.

Currently I am working developing Android Apps.

I am available for any of the above type of work and/or other programming (most fluent in C/C++).

I was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1959 and lived most of my young life in Pepper Pike (an eastside  suburb).  I went to Orange schools and graduate Orange High School in 1977.  My mother (Ileene Dragin) and step father (Bert Dragin) currently live in Los angeles and my father (Walter Simon) lives in Clearwater Florida.

I went to college at University of Michigan (go Blue) from 1977-1981 and graduated with a BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) but had a minor in Computer Science and fell in love with computer programming there.  After U of M I moved out to Los Angeles, Ca., and went to CSUN for graduate work in computer science.

In 1985 I started writing game and business software for Sierra Online and then shortly after that in 1986 went to work at Elixir Technologies, where I have been for the last 22+ years.  In addition to elixir work I have written/created/designed many websites and systems including the now (in)famous RecordTV.com.

I 1989 I met my wife (Robin) and we were married in 1990.  We have two wonderful girls, Phoebe (born 1991) and Carly (born 1995).  Phoebe (our genius) and Carly (our model/actress/singer) are both competitive runners (Phoebe in cross-country and marathons, Carly in sprints).

I have been a runner ever since 1977 doing about 15 miles a day for the last 30+ years.  I coach/manage a kids track and cross-country team for 5-15 year olds (the Calabasas Cheetahs http://www.calabasascheetahs.com)

We all currently live in Agoura Hills, Ca. in the western San Fernando Valley.